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Record of a Fallen Senshi

Water Tripping Over the Rocks

Mizuno Ami ☿ Dark Mercury
10 September
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Background: Poisonverse

The world is fallen and corrupt, and its poison leaks throughout the multiverse. The shitennou and fallen Mercury were never restored to their master and mistress. Instead, once the ginzuishou was revealed, Mercury was forced outside her world to Econtra for a year and compelled to fight an unwanted war yet again. There, she also learned about the equal threat of the Princess and Metalia while still tainted, and chose to go against both.

This is a world of blood. To prevent the destruction, the princess, the prince, Beryl, and Metalia have all been dispatched. Mercury killed Sailor Moon. The shitennou, Mercury, and the Outer Senshi have dirtied themselves with the deaths of daimon victims unable to be separated from the monsters taking over their bodies, and the Goddess of Death, Saturn, destroyed by Uranus before she could awaken. The remaining inner senshi have surrendered with their mission in shambles, though Venus fought to the end before succumbing to her illness exacerbated by the stress of battle.

The shitennou and Mercury have fought the Death Busters, Princess Snow Kaguya, and even the Dead Moon. They have come to lead and rule the damaged world they fight to protect now that fighting so hard against destruction has prevented outright renewal or restoration. Though their intent to keep Earth intact is sincere, these protectors are in many ways as broken as their world and guard it through violence. The one sign that their way may not be hopeless is the golden crystal, unsealed by the combined wish and will of everyone on Earth to defeat the Dead Moon nightmares once and for all.

Since that peace, Ami has been able to finish pursuing her studies as she hoped - though at Tokyo University rather than abroad and with the goal to become a doctor at Meiwa University Hospital like her mother. Peaceful life no longer entirely suits her, however, and she finds some release in fighting old enemies in alternate worlds.


The waters of Mercury have run even deeper. Further alienated from the senshi and pushed closer to the shitennou, Mercury accepts the shitennou as reliable but has even more trouble trusting the concept of friendship than she did before; after all, it has failed her even further now. Kunzite alone has her trust that, no matter how unhealthy the bond between them may be, he will never abandon her. She has learned some of his ways of twisting words around and sarcastic wit to cover frustration.

Like her companions, she is sincere about her more noble intentions, but she also uses them as a screen for the pettiness and spite and loneliness still just beneath the surface. Beneath the rhetoric and mocking and anger and even the cold soldier, she is still driven by a somewhat immature hurt.

At the same time, the compassion that led Mercury to offer kindness to Nephrite has also deepened. She can still love and want to be loved; particularly in her bond to her mother but also her initation into romance. Outside of her viciousness to her direct enemies and antagonism to the senshi, she dislikes pain or death and often struggles to prevent them for those she sees any reason to feel something for - her greatest personal reason for still becoming a doctor. She will stand by her world's decisions and her own decisions within her world as necessary, but she would prefer to see those paths averted for others - even if she doesn't believe that to be possible without the same forceful methods and has lost all faith in the possibility of anything but hard, determined work solving problems.

The nexus has resulted in a sense of futility that dims her glee over fighting her opponents; after all, even after defeating them several times, their alternates will still be there and she'll have to see them again and again; they're endless. Taken away from this, such as visits to worlds without the senshi or their enemies existing at all, she can finally put many of her issues aside temporarily.


Mercury has attained a darkened version of her super senshi form and its attack, Dark Rhapsody. She also knows a few baseline magic spells learned in Econtra, and possesses a snow globe of water with minor healing effects as a gift from Ichihara Yuuko. A Kunzite from the nexus has taught her scrying such as he uses with his sword, which she uses with water as a focus, and ways to block others from spying on her magically.

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